Scent Shield Necklace

When we smell, the molecules of the scent pass through our nose and reaches the limbic system in our brain. The limbic system is where memories and experiences are stored, which makes scent to a very powerful tool that can trigger many emotions within us.
I developed the Scent Shield Necklace to allow its user to always carry a personal scent with them as a discrete tool and protective shield to feel comfort whenever one might feel disconnected to the surroundings or within the self.


Release the Scent

Drag the pendant back and forth along the chain to rub the scent inside the pendant on to the necklace chain.


Depending on which scent you use for the pendant, it lasts between days for distilled scents or weeks for perfumes which encourages users to explore different scents to bring with them. The pendant is easy to clean and refill. Personal scents for the necklace are made possible through this distillation kit.


February 2018