Polluted Ocean

Between 5 to 13 million tons of plastic waste end up in the oceans every year*, harming the ecosystems and ocean life. To many of us this is an issue hard to grasp as we do not ourselves experience the damage on a daily basis, so to raise awareness about this issue I created an audiovisual installation where scent was the main tool of communication. 

The Fragrance

I created the fragrance specifically for the installation so that visitors would associate Polluted Ocean The Fragrance to the state that the oceans are currently in. The fragrance was partly created with chemicals and natural elements like salt water, and was also spread with air diffusers in the room. Visitors were encouraged to bring their own plastic waste to donate to the installation and would then receive a sample of Polluted Ocean The Fragrance to bring with them.

Multisensory Installation


Blue and green LED-lights were installed in the room to add an oceany feeling. Hundreds of plastic strips hanging from the ceiling contributed to a blurred vision, giving visitors the impression of walking around in an ocean full of plastic with plastic waste covering the whole floor. The sound of waves played from speakers to enhance the whole experience. All of the plastic waste from the installation was recycled at the end of the exhibition.


*Jambeck et al 2015 


Exhibited at Level 4, Sickla Industriväg 6, Stockholm, between 2018.11.02 - 2018.12.02.