Modular Scents

This work was inspired by my grandmother who became visually impaired later in life. I wanted to create an opportunity to gather people who are blind or have a visual impairment with their close ones, and to come together to share stories and memories with each other that are triggered by different smells. 


How to Use

The primary senses needed to take part in this experience is the sense of touch and the sense of smell. Collect items from the closest surroundings that you would like to discover the scent from, put them in the containers and connect the containers together to build up your unique scent experience.

Fill the containers with fresh moss, a scarf from a close friend or family member or perhaps a flower from the garden outside.. Once the containers are filled you squeeze the horn to activate the scent. Now, what do you smell and what do you remember from the specific scent? Start sharing!


Thanks to
Svensk Parfym
Synskadades Riksförbund


June 2018