Lavender Room

This scent interior was built to create a calm space in the audiovisual play of Satan's Trilogy that took place in an abandoned office complex of over 35000 square meters in Stockholm. This theatre invited its audience to become part of the play themselves by interacting with actors and by discovering the scenery by themselves.


Lavender Room invited visitors to create their own lavender perfume with a scent-station where step-by-step instructions helped perform the ritual like scene. Small perfume bottles in glass were available at a podium and a water filled aquarium was placed in the middle of the room for the visitor to collect water from. 


Hundreds of plastic strips hanged from the ceiling and the room was lighted in blue and purple LED-lights to create the impression of being in a purple haze. Scent diffusers also spread the scent of lavender to enhance the whole multisensory experience.

Exhibited in the audiovisual play Satan's Trilogy, Final Part: Satan's Death at Sickla Industriväg 6, Stockholm, between 2017.11.04 - 2017.12.31.